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Neck Pain

Pain in neck is a very common disorder. It could be due to undue stress on neck from prolonged working in bent-neck position (postural cause), neck injuries, cervical strain, intervertebral disc prolapse/herniation, spondylosis, etc.


  • Dull aching pain in neck (in cervical strain)
  • Burning, shooting pain, tingling sensation over lower neck, arm or hand, upper back region (cervical radicular pain)
  • Numbness, heaviness and weakness of fingers or thumb (cervical radiculopathy) due to nerve compression
  • Stiffness of neck – Due to paraspinal muscle spasm or age-related degenerative changes


  • X-Ray of cervical spine
  • MRI of cervical spine

Treatment Available (Depending upon cause):

  • Medication
  • Rest to neck with cervical collar for 4-7 days (In cases of acute neck pain with radicular pain in arm/hand)
  • Exercise Therapy: To obtain full range of movement of neck, flexibility and strength of neck muscles
  • Physical modalities: Intermittent cervical traction, Ultrasound therapy, TENS, Hot packs, Ice packs, etc.
  • Cervical Epidural injection: For patients with cervical radicular or radiating pain in hand who are not getting adequate benefit with medication and exercise therapy.
  • Medial branch block
  • Radio-frequency neurotomy or denervation

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