"Visited for Headache - Migraine"  

 Consulted Dr. Sanjeev for my wife's headache. He is very intelligent in diagnosis and precise in treatment. Overall, a reliable doctor. Wish him all the best.
                                                                                            SGVS Subramaniam

                           "Visited For Neck Pain, Cervical Problem"

My experience was excellent with Dr Sharma , he checked my problem thoroughly was very informative on my ailment and I hope to recover soon by his medicine and advice .                                               
                                                                                                        Durga Singh
                           "Visited For Disc Prolapse, Sciatica"

I was suffering from low back ache from last 2 years without any proper diagnosis. Dr. Sanjeev diagnosed me and gave me proper treatment, and i got treated in 10 days , with some medicines and exercises. Thanks to him.
                                                                                                               Satish Jain
                                                                                                   Losal, Suzangarh

               "Visited for Numbness, tingling sensation in hand"  
I visited Dr. Sanjeev for neck pain and tingling, numbness in right hand. I got completely ok in just 1 week with good physiotherapy services. He also taught me computer ergonomics and correct posture.
Thanks to him.

                                   "Visited For Joint Pain after fever" 
I have taken treatment with Dr. Sanjeev Sharma in matter of complete body pain after viral fever..personally i will recommend you all to visit his clinic.
                                                                                           CA Rajkumar Sharma

                         "Visited For Headaches, Neck Pain, Knee Pain"

 I used to suffer from headache along with knee and neck pain. I saw multiple doctors but everybody focussed on investigations, not on my problems. Dr. Sanjeev listened to my problems and prescribed treatment which i took for 10 days and i was completely cured. I did take some physiotherapy sessions at New Life Centre. Recommend it to all.
                                                                                           Ranjeeta Shrivastava

                                          "Visited For Knee Pain"

   I had knee pain. I took many medicines and treatment from different doctors, but not satisfied. Dr. Sanjeev gave me prolotherapy injections at knee, and i m ok from last 6 months.  

Video Testimonials

                           "Visited For Upper back pain"

Really great hands on ability, in depth analysis of the problem. 
Generic solutions that could be followed at any place, hence keeping patients first than his own profit. 
Really happy with the service.                                                 Aniket Baheti

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                           "Visited For Disc Prolapse, Cervical Problem"

My experience with dr.sanjeev sharma was superr...thanks for giving me best treatment...best advice.
                                                                                                               Riya Jain
                                                                                                Guwahati,  Assam


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